Unrivaled pipetting for a deep dive into cellular physics

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Unrivaled pipetting for a deep dive into cellular physics

INTEGRA’s PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller is ideal for the preparation of buffers, media and samples in its cell culture workflows, simplifying culture set-up, splitting and media exchange. This convenient tool is playing a central role in a series of collaborative projects at the University of Bayreuth. As part of this initiative, Professor Matthias Weiss and his team are exploring cell mechanics, cell division and embryonic development, as well as how the endoplasmic reticulum organizes itself in the cell. Andrea Hanold, a technical assistant in the team, explained: “Our main area of research focuses on what influences intracellular transport, internalization processes, and how the cell organizes itself. Much of my work involves cell culture workflows, which can be performed far more precisely and efficiently using the PIPETBOY acu 2 pipetting aid.”

PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller
Photo courtesy of University of Bayreuth

“I first came across INTEGRA products about 20 years ago, when I started my career. I was thrilled when INTEGRA launched the PIPETBOY acu 2 about 10 years ago, and we immediately purchased two for the lab. Both devices are in constant use, with one shared by everyone in the wet lab, and the other used exclusively for cell culture activities. They’re definitely easier to use than pipette controllers from other suppliers that I’ve used in the past. We’ve only ever had to replace a single rechargeable battery in 10 years, and everything else is still working wonderfully – they’re almost indestructible!”

Unmatched pipetting speed and control

The move from using Peleus balls to the PIPETBOY has allowed the team to efficiently pipette volumes between 1 and 100 ml with unmatched speed, control and ergonomics. Andrea continued: “The traditional Peleus balls we had before the PIPETBOY required us to carefully control the air moving in and out, using three valves to uptake and release liquids. Now, we only have to press one button to aspirate, and another to accurately dispense. Depending on how hard you press, you can make these dispenses slower or faster, or you can limit the maximal speed.”

“The challenge with pipetting for cell culture in a biosafety cabinet is maintaining a sterile environment, which means being careful not to reach over anything,” Andrea added. “When using a Peleus ball, you have to be cautious when letting the air out during and after the pipetting steps whereas, with the PIPETBOY, there’s no need to worry about this. Using just one hand, we can safely draw up as much liquid volume as needed without interruption, while maintaining the cleanliness of the whole work area. For example, you can aspirate 50 ml in one go! This intuitive controller makes a huge difference, and has improved the team’s pipetting experience. It saves us precious time and increases productivity in the lab, while also mitigating any errors – which are common when using a Peleus ball – to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our results. I also love using INTEGRA products because the company’s customer service is absolutely brilliant. Our questions have always been answered quickly and, when we order, they are fast to deliver. We’ve never had any problems,” Andrea concluded.

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