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Our products

Give and take. A principle that guides us all. It is also precisely what our products do:
Pipettes - they aspirate liquids and dispense them again.From the tip of the pipette into the microplate.That may sound very simple but there’s much more to it than that: ultra-precise cutting-edge technology.

Our spirit of innovation

We know no limits and love to be challenged. We embody a 'hunger for innovation'. Research is always a question of speed, reliability and precision. We provide our customers with sophisticated solutions that measurably accelerate their work. Every day, more than 100,000 leading experts in research and diagnostics worldwide use our products to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.

Where we are

From our headquarters in Zizers, Switzerland, and Hudson, New Hampshire in the U.S., we specialize in the precise pipetting of very small volumes of liquid. We develop, design, and produce products, with the utmost attention to the smallest details. Ultra-precise cutting-edge technology with no compromises.

Achieving goals together

Our team is made up of exceptional people from more than 30 nations. We give our all, so that our customers can devote their valuable time to what really counts. That is what drives us.

Our focus on sustainability

We ensure the careful selection and use of raw materials and produce long-lasting, reliable products. This is our responsibility, arising from a love for the environment and for future generations.

Let's accelerate science together.

Give and take. That’s what we’re here for. Take our word for it.

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