DOSE IT laboratoy peristaltic pump

DOSE IT Laboratory Peristaltic Pump

Laboratory Peristaltic Pump

Product story

Looking for an easy-to-use peristaltic pump?

In today’s laboratories, peristaltic pumps are often first choice when liquids within the range of several milliliters to several liters have to be transferred. The main advantage of these pumps is that the liquid transferred remains enclosed inside the tubing. As a result, the risk of contaminating either the product or the pump itself is prevented. However, most instruments are difficult to program, are oversized and bulky.

DOSE IT has been especially designed for laboratories looking for an easy-to-use, compact and portable peristaltic pump. With its light weight and compact design, DOSE IT fits everywhere in the lab and can be easily moved. The intuitive user interface with straightforward instructions makes it very easy to operate. DOSE IT is especially helpful for dispensing culture media, buffers or other solutions.

How it Works

How it works

DOSE IT offers easy handling and straight-forward setting of parameters. It is lightweight, fits everywhere in the lab and can be moved easily. The large display and the intuitive user interface make it very easy to set the parameters and operate DOSE IT. Simply choose a dispensing protocol and press run.

  • Overview

    DOSE IT laboratoy peristaltic pump features


    1) Compact design - fits everywhere
    2) Large display allows for intuitive programming and operation
    3) Fliptop pumphead allows for an easy and quick tubing exchange
    4) Different tubing sizes - compatible with tubing from 1-8 mm inner diameter

  • Easy handling

    Easy handling with DOSE IT laboratory Peristaltic Pump

    The intuitive user interface coupled with the large display makes it extremely simple to program and operate the DOSE IT. The setting of all functions and parameters is self-explanatory so that with minimal learning time everybody can start working immediately. The flip-top pumphead for easy tube loading further reduces the time for preparation and set up of the pump.

  • Compact and portable

    DOSE IT portable peristaltic pump

    With its very small footprint and light weight, DOSE IT fits everywhere in the lab and can be moved easily – no need to waste valuable bench space or to have a pump in every lab. The smooth and rounded surface makes it easy to clean. The position of the pumphead, display and keypad is optimal for ergonomic working.

  • Process documentation

    DOSE IT peristaltic pump connected to external printer

    DOSE IT provides all features necessary to support the individual needs in quality control. All process relevant information can be documented using a standard label printer (e.g. the EPSON TM-U220) or by directly transferring the information to a personal computer.


The DOSE IT pumphead accommodates different tubing sizes (1 to 8 mm) so that a wide range of volumes can be dispensed with speed and precision. The dispensed volume can range from hundred microlitres to several litres. The versatility of the DOSE IT reduces the need to have several single-purpose pumps in a lab.

DOSE IT peristaltic pump

Wide range of volumes: typical volume and flow values for different tubing sizes

Tubing inner diameter 1 mm 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm 6 mm
Dose volume at CV* <1 % >0.5 ml >1 ml >3 ml >7 ml >15 ml
Flow rate range (ml/min) 0.6 – 52 2.1 – 203 4.8 – 475 8.4 – 837 16 – 1634

*Coefficient of variation (CV), a measure for the reproducibility of dosing.
8 mm ID silicone tubing recommended for pumping applications only.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices


    Intuitive design

    "This pump is very user friendly, compact, and accurate enough for my needs."

    Thomas Guy

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


    Dose It ROcks

    "We have many Integra products, but the Dose It is the pumping workhorse. In plant biology, there are many large volume requirements and the need is always for a sterile fluid path. With the Dose It, we can quickly setup a pumping protocol, and have someone pumping media with a footswitch."

    Charles Tweedy

    Cibus US LLC


    Best innovation

    "Makes the work of dispensing any liquid easy, faster, accurate and reliable. Plus no bubbles. Tubes and nozzles out of stock I need them like yesterday "

    Wesley Kipyego

    The Nairobi Hospital

See it Work

See it work


Uses and Applications

Overview Applications Stories


Media dispensing
Media dispensing

Efficient dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions

DOSE IT is designed to make the dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions easy and efficient. The simple programming and straightforward operation of the DOSE IT is ideal for laboratories where several different dispensing protocols are frequently used.

Media dispensing using DOSE IT peristaltic pump
Media dispensing using DOSE IT
Coating or washing of Petri dishes
Coating or washing of Petri dishes

Coating Petri dishes using the DOSE IT CUSTOMIZE mode.

COATING PETRI DISHES is a common task in tissue culturing laboratories. Using the CUSTOMIZE mode allows defining an efficient protocol for coating or washing a defined number of Petri dishes. Coating/washing solution can be added and removed in series, making the application fast and reliable.

Coating and Washing Petri dishes using DOSE IT peristaltic pump
Coating and Washing Petri dishes using DOSE IT
Filling of density gradient tubes
Filling of density gradient tubes

Filling of density gradient tubes using the DOSE IT CUSTOMIZE mode.

Density gradient centrifugation is frequently used to separate different cell types or cell organelles, ribosomes or DNA from crude cellular extracts. The CUSTOMIZE mode permits gentle and fast building of density step gradients. To avoid stirring up the different layers, dispensing starts gently at a low flow rate and then ramps up to the target speed.

Filling density gradient tubes using DOSE IT peristaltic pump
Filling density gradient tubes using DOSE IT
Serial dilutions
Serial dilutions

Serial dilutions  using the DOSE IT CUSTOMIZE mode.

Serial dilutions are extensively used in microbiological testing as part of the sample preparation for the total viable cell count in food. By programming an air gap before taking up the sample into the prefilled tubing system, the CUSTOMIZE mode allows you to efficiently carry out serial dilutions.

Serial dilutions using DOSE IT peristaltic pump
Serial dilutions using DOSE IT
Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Dose volume
0.1 ml – 9999 ml
Flow rate
0.6 ml/min – 5 l/min
Tubing inner diameter
1 – 8 mm
Tubing wall thickness
1.5 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D)
203 x 210 x 191 mm
3.5 kg
2x RS232
Input voltage
100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Downloads & More Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers



Description Part No.
Programmable pump complete with:
  • 1 Silicone tubing, inner diameter 4 mm, length 2.5 m
  • 2 Aspiration/dispensing tubes, length 10 cm, stainless steel, one end dented
  • 1 Aspiration/dispensing tube, length 35 cm, stainless steel, one end dented
  • 1 Tube collar
  • 1 Pipette-tubing connector
  • Mains adapter
171 000
DOSE IT peristaltic pump

General accessories, stainless steel tubes and tube collars

General Accessories

Description Part No.
Foot switch for hands-free operation, with connecting cable 143 200
Benchtop switch for ease of operation, with connecting cable 171 081
Retort rod (10 mm diameter) with filling arm 171 091
Extension pumphead for double pumphead assembly 171 090
Silicone tubing set for double pumphead, inner diameter 8 mm, length 3.0 m, Y-pieces made of glass, autoclavable 171 088
Pipette-tubing connector for connecting pipettes to 2 - 6 mm inner diameter silicone tubing, autoclavable, 5-pack 171 077
Pumphead (spare part) 103 520

 Stainless steel tubes and collars

Description ID (mm) Part No.
Aspiration/dispensing tube, length 10 cm, stainless steel, one end dented 1
171 051
171 052
171 053
171 054
171 056
171 058
Aspiration/dispensing tube, length 35 cm, stainless steel, one end dented 4
171 064
171 066
171 068
Tube collar used as a weight for the aspiration tube or as a clamp spacer for the dispensing tube 1 – 3
4 – 6
171 071
171 074
Stainless tube and collar for DOSE IT peristaltic pump silicone tubing
Stainless tube and collar
Silicone Tubing
Silicone Tubing

Length 2.5 m and 25 m (bulk roll)

2.5 m, autoclavable tubing

ID (mm) Part No.
1 171 021
2 171 022
3 171 023
4 171 024
6 171 026
8 171 028

25 m (bulk roll), autoclavable tubing

ID (mm) Part No.
1 171 031
2 171 032
3 171 033
4 171 034
6 171 036
8 171 038