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Solutions from INTEGRA

INTEGRA is a one-stop shop that supplies liquid handling tools for cell biology, covering everything from individual tasks to automated workflows. Our complete range of electronic and robotic pipetting options is backed by a dedicated team that understands the pipetting challenges that scientists face to perform reproducible, high throughput culture of viable cells, allowing them to offer guidance based on your lab’s need.

To simplify day-to-day tasks, all of our products use the same intuitive programming logic, allowing a straightforward and consistent transition between different pipetting tools, and easing the transfer to a higher throughput. For automation, we offer assisted pipetting platforms that work with handheld pipettes to maximize the flexibility of your workflows, without needing to change your processing steps. In addition, our microplate dispenser is designed to provide rapid, gentle aliquoting of samples without contacting the medium, limiting the shearing forces on cells while reducing the risk of contamination.

All INTEGRA pipettes use our extensive range of GripTip pipette tips, which are available in various sizes and styles – including wide bore options to reduce shearing forces – and meet the highest quality and sterility requirements thanks to our VIAPURE Statement of Quality. Every tip is designed to form the perfect seal with the pipette, so that it never leaks or falls off, guaranteeing pipetting success. Using these high quality pipette tips across all of your liquid handling tasks can also help to improve the reproducibility of results.

Find out how correct handling can help improve the reproducibility, viability and throughput of cell culture workflows, while reducing the risk of contamination.

Handheld, light and portable tools

PIPETBOY – the lightweight pipette controller for serological pipettes.

The PIPETBOY is the ideal tool to perform precise and efficient serological pipetting.

  • Speed control to reduce shearing – limiting the maximum pipetting speed reduces the impact of shearing forces on cell viability, increasing reproducibility. In addition, a unique valve and dosing system offers unmatched control of the liquid.

  • Accurate dispensing – allows liquid to be dispensed drop by drop, with gravity blowout to minimize the stress and shearing forces on cells.

  • Reduced risk of contamination – the compact design of the PIPETBOY is ideal for use in a laminar flow cabinet, helping to enable sterile handling. The detachable nose piece is autoclavable for sterilization, and a sterile filter tip can be used to provide the greatest protection against biological contamination.

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Pipetboy Familiy complete with all color options
PIPETBOY ACU 2 - The most popular pipette controller

VIAFLO – the lightweight, electronic pipette for high reproducibility.

VIAFLO pipettes are the perfect choice for labs wanting to transition from manual to electronic pipettes to improve the reproducibility and throughput of their tasks.

  • Improved reproducibility and viability – preset and customizable programs enable precise control of speed and volume to reduce shearing forces on cells and ensures the reproducibility of each task, regardless of user technique or experience.

  • Increased throughput – Repeat Dispense mode reduces the number of transfers between the source and plate, accelerating workflows and keeping handling errors to a minimum.

  • Parallel pipetting – dispensing multiple channels at the same time improves both reproducibility and throughput.

  • Reduced risk of contamination – with a compact, easy to clean design that is ideal for sterile work under a laminar flow hood.

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VIAFLO electronic pipette on carousel charging stand
VIAFLO - Lightweight electronic pipette

VOYAGER – the adjustable tip spacing pipette.

The VOYAGER is a game-changer for moving samples from one labware format into another, such as from microcentrifuge tubes to a 96 well plate, quickly and efficiently.

  • Faster pipetting workflows – automatic adjustable tip spacing enables the transfer of liquids between labware formats, for higher throughput with fewer transcription errors. Repeat Dispense mode can also increase the efficiency of pipetting by reducing the number of transfers between the source and the destination.

  • Increased reproducibility and viability – with control over the volume and speed of pipetting. A range of preset or customizable programs ensure the reproducibility of each task, and slow pipetting options reduce the shearing forces on cells.

  • Higher throughput – by simultaneously pipetting multiple channels in parallel.

  • Minimized risk of contamination – by using this compact pipette under a laminar flow hood.

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Two VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes
VOYAGER - adjustable tip spacing pipette

MINI 96 – the portable and affordable 96 channel electronic pipette.

The small footprint MINI 96 is ideal for labs that require fast processing and parallel pipetting of microplates at an affordable price.

  • High reproducibility and throughput – pipette 96 channels in parallel to increase the reproducibility and throughput of tasks compared to traditional 8 or 12 channel pipettes.

  • Improved cell viability – by using preset or customizable speed settings to reduce the shearing force on cells. Defined pipetting programs and protocols ensure the reproducibility of each task, and remove user technique as a variable.

  • Accelerated workflow efficiency – with Repeat Dispense mode, decreasing the frequency of transfers between the source and plate to reduce handling errors.

  • Reduced risk of contamination – thanks to a small footprint that fits easily under a laminar flow hood for sterile work.

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MINI 96 simple handheld operation
MINI 96 - 96 channel portable electronic pipette

Handheld and high throughput tools

VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 – versatile and high throughput 24, 96, and 384 channel electronic pipettes for increased productivity.

The VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 are for any lab wanting to massively increase productivity and reproducibility, offering fast parallel pipetting of whole plates, multiple working positions and a hands-free mode.

  • High throughput –  pipette 24, 96 or 384 channels simultaneously with unmatched throughput and precision. For optimum efficiency, Repeat Dispense mode aspirates a large volume of liquid and dispenses it in smaller, defined volumes, minimizing the number of transfers between the source and plate.

  • Flexibility – interchangeable pipetting heads can be easily swapped to provide the right tool for your microplate format.

  • Maximum reproducibility – with hands-free automation.

  • Sterile working – as this compact, easy to clean pipette fits comfortably under a laminar flow hood.

  • Improved cell viability – with preset and customizable programs offering slower pipetting speeds to limit the impact of shearing forces on cells and ensure the reproducibility of each task.

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VIAFLO 96  and VIAFLO 384 electronic pipettes
VIAFLO 96 - 96 channel handheld electronic pipette

Flexible and easy automation devices

ASSIST PLUS – the pipetting robot for flexible and straightforward workflow automation.

The ASSIST PLUS is the perfect choice for labs that are looking for an affordable and compact walkway solution for their pipetting.

  • Increased reproducibility – simply mount a VIAFLO or VOYAGER pipette onto the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, and let the robot do the pipetting for you, removing the user as a source of variation and freeing up more time for other tasks.

  • Reduced contamination risk – minimizing user contact reduces the risk of contamination of cell lines, while the pipetting robot’s small size allows it to fit under a laminar flow hood.

  • Maximized throughput – with automated parallel pipetting of multiple channels at once.

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ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot with a VOYAGER electronic pipette
ASSIST PLUS - Pipetting robot for full workflow automation

Fast and gentle dispensing device

WELLJET – the bulk reagent dispenser for fast and gentle pipetting.

The WELLJET is ideal for rapid, non-contact filling of microplates and/or seeding of cells, as well as for filling large numbers of plates.

  • Improved cell viability – minimal shearing forces reduce the stress on cells and ensure high viability.

  • Higher throughput – bulk dispensing 8 or 16 wells at a time is ideal for adding reagents to multiwell plates. An optional stacker for 25 to 50 plates allows long walk-away times for higher productivity.

  • Reduced risk of contamination – with non-contact dispensing of liquids. This compact instrument is also designed to sit comfortably under a laminar flow hood for sterile work.

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WELLJET - Reagent Dispenser And Dispenser Stacker
WELLJET - Bulk reagent dispenser