New applications database to inspire your research methods

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New applications database to inspire your research methods

Application expertise at your fingertips

The newly created applications database provides examples of how INTEGRA instruments can be used to simplify both common tasks and application-specific techniques, helping you to boost the productivity and reproducibility of your experiments. We'll be sharing both our own knowhow and that of the wider INTEGRA user community, hopefully showing you new ways of using your systems and novel applications you'd never even considered.

Liquid handling automation: Example of a sandwich ELISA plate

Simplifying implementation

We aim to provide step-by-step details of various protocols for each application, outlining the details of every liquid handling step for everything from plug and play programs for specific tasks (e.g. AMPure XP purification) to framework protocols for common activities that vary from lab to lab, such as ELISA processing. We will provide detailed parameters to directly transfer them to our electronic pipettes, ASSIST PLUS or VIAFLO 96/384 instruments, increasing efficiency while saving you valuable time. And as with all custom programs for INTEGRA instruments, you can easily change the volumes and labware types to suit your workflow using VIALINK and VIALAB software. Each application page will also offer technique-specific tutorial videos and handy tricks and tips – such as when using low retention tips may improve performance – to help you get the most of out of every experiment.

A community effort

Our intention is for this new database to be a joint resource that benefits new and expert users alike, and we want your help in making it a go-to source of information for all your pipetting activities. Please take some time to browse the application pages for your research area and, if you have any ideas of future applications you would like to be included, or details of a protocol that you think would be of interest to the wider community, why not share it with our application scientist Lydiane Saucède, @email.  


Visit the INTEGRA application database now, and see how you can take your experiments to the next level!