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Easy Setup of Automated Pipetting

Combining INTEGRA’s ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot with VIALAB software makes it easy to create automated pipetting protocols for a variety of applications. The intuitive visual interface helps you to create automated programs without any programming knowledge within a few minutes instead of hours.

How it Works

How it works

Each VIALAB program consists of four parts: Material, Method, Simulation and Transfer.

  • Material: Simply pick and place labware

    VIALAB choose material from a comprehensive labware library

    Choose the pipette and tips needed for your assay, then place labware – such as plates, reservoirs or tube racks – on the deck.

    VIALAB includes a comprehensive labware library of over 100 plates, plus all INTEGRA reservoirs and tube racks. You can also define your own labware formats.

  • Method: define your pipetting and process steps

    Define your pipette steps easily with VIALAB

    Choose a predefined pipetting step, then adapt it to your needs. Select the correct volumes, source and target wells, then fine tune it by modifying pipetting speeds, heights, etc.

    The software displays the liquid filling levels in each well to allow convenient adjustment of pipetting heights, and constantly validates your program in the background to avoid set-up errors.

    The D-ONE single channel pipetting module’s liquid level detection feature eliminates the need for aspiration height adjustments. Worklist files can be imported for easy set-up of normalization or hit picking.

    To support MAG modules and also COLDPLATE and BIOSHAKE, additional steps for magnet activation, temperature and shaking are available.

  • Simulation: Make a final check

    Perform a final check of your VIALAB program by watching it run on the screen

    Perform a final check of your program by watching it run on the screen. This shows pipetting locations, volumes transferred, pipetting heights and the movement of tips on the deck.

    You can even speed up the simulation, giving you a quick overview to ensure your program represents your application.

  • Transfer: Send Your Program to the Pipette

    Transfert: Envoyez votre programme à la pipette

    Upload your completed program directly to the pipette via the communication module or USB. After the transfer is complete, no connection between VIALAB and the pipette is needed. The pipette controls the ASSIST PLUS instrument!

    You can also connect ASSIST PLUS to a PC, and run and control it directly using VIALAB, without using the pipette’s user interface.


  • Report: Program report and Run log

    VIALAB Pipetting Automation Software - Report Page 5

    Create a PDF report for your lab notebook or data filing, summarizing all labware, pipettes and pipetting steps in the program. Download a sample report here.

    A run log is created when ASSIST PLUS is connected to a PC with VIALAB while the program is running for complete peace of mind. It documents the start and end time of each run, the serial number of the pipette and instrument, and records if any errors occurred during the run. If the D-ONE single channel pipetting module is used, it also reports if a liquid level was detected.

Customer Voices


    Works great, easy to program

    "These robots are great, easy to program via the ViaLab software, using a communication module for wireless connection, and versatile due to a large selection of pipet and plastics. "

    Derek Ireland

    US FDA


    Easy to use

    "This unit is very simple to use. Easily connects the bluetooth module from the pipette to the ASSIST PLUS unit. Not to mention the software is simple to use, not just for mapping plates either. In fact, adding new plates and reservoirs is as easy as importing information off of the manufacturer's di..."

    Louis Rotella

    Encoded Therapeutics


    Just exeptional.

    "The Assist Plus is remarkably easy to use even by an inexperienced person. The software is well arranged and everything can be simulated before transferring to the pipette. I have now used it for few months and it has made a huge difference in accuracy and repeatability of our pipetting, not to m..."

    Sari Arminen


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