VIALAB Pipetting Automation Software

Pipetting Automation Software

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Easy Setup of Automated Pipetting

INTEGRA’s pipetting robot ASSIST PLUS offers high flexibility, 25 pipettes are avalable and it can access a large variety of labware. Creating automated pipetting tasks for such applications can be a challenge, but VIALAB makes it easy for you.

The intuitive visual interface helps you to create automated programs without any programming knowledge within a few minutes instead of hours.

Download and try the VIALAB pipetting automation software for free!

How it Works

How it works

Each VIALAB program consists of four parts: Material, Method, Simulation, Transfer.

  • VIALAB Pipetting Automation Software

    Material: Simply pick and place labware

    Choose the pipette and tips, which are needed for your assay. Pick and place labware on the deck such as plates, reservoirs or tube racks.

    You can choose your labware items from a comprehensive labware library, including over 100 plates, all INTEGRA reservoirs and tube racks. You can also create your own labware.

  • Define your pipetting tasks

    Method: Define your pipetting steps

    Choose one of the predefined pipetting steps and adapt it to your needs. Select source and target wells and volumes by drag-and-drop.

    Fine tune it by modifying pipetting speeds, heights, etc.The display of liquid filling levels in the wells facilitates the convenient adjustment of pipetting heights.

    VIALAB constantly performs a validation of your program in the backgound to avoid setup errors.

  • Pipetting simulation

    Simulation: Make a final check

    Make a final check of your program by watching it running on the screen. Next to the pipetting location you will have insight to the transferred volumes, the pipetting heights and the movement of the tips on the deck.

    By speeding up the simulation, you quickly gain an overview, if your program represents your application.

  • Transfer pipetting program to the pipette

    Transfer: Send Your Program to the Pipette

    Upload your completed program directly to the pipette.

    Use a Bluetooth or USB connection to transfer the programs. After the transfer no connection between VIALAB (Computer) and the pipette is needed. The pipette controls the ASSIST PLUS instrument!


    Create a PDF report for your lab notebook or data filing, summarizing all labware, pipettes and details of the pipetting steps in the program.

    Download a sample report (PDF).

See it Work

See it work

Downloads Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers

Communication Options
Communication Options

Communication options for VIALAB pipette automation software

Type DescriptionPart No.
Bluetooth module For VIAFLO / VOYAGER pipette4221
Charging/communication stand for 1 pipette In addition to charging pipettes, this stand enables the communication of a pipette with a PC and VIALINK or VIALAB. Incl. mains adapter4211
Charging/communication station In addition to charging, this station enables the communication of a pipette with a PC and VIALINK or VIALAB. Needs to be attached to the linear stand (PN 3215).3218
Linear stand The linear stand accommodates all types of INTEGRA pipettes. It can be converted to a charging and communication stand by attaching the respective station (3218) and equipping a mains adapter (3216).3215
Mains adapter This mains adapter is required to convert the linear stand into a charging/communication stand.3216

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