The ultimate guide to stress-free pipetting

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Pipetting is a fundamental skill in any laboratory as liquid handling protocols form the backbone of many life sciences workflows. However, pipetting improperly can lead to inaccurate results, repetitive strain injuries, and wasted resources. This eBook aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to turn pipetting from a tedious necessity into an efficient, accurate and enjoyable part of your lab work.

Our educational articles and practical tips and tricks will help you to choose the right pipette and pipette tip for your application while addressing crucial ergonomic considerations and pipetting best practices, with a focus on achieving high accuracy and precision even when handling challenging liquids. We also present valuable information covering essential maintenance and calibration routines to prolong your pipettes' lifespans and ensure consistent results. This eBook additionally contains in-depth application notes illustrating how INTEGRA Biosciences' solutions can support you in optimizing your liquid handling protocols. We're confident that this comprehensive guide will play a significant role in helping your facility to achieve stress-free pipetting once and for all.

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