Scientist using a VACUSIP aspiration system with a biohazard symbol on it

VACUSIP Portable Aspiration System

Portable Aspiration System

Product story

Lost among small volumes of biological liquid waste?

Until now, aspiration of supernatants after centrifugation steps or removal of washing solutions from microtiter plates have been mainly accomplished by self-made systems consisting of a trap flask, a rudimentary aspiration tool and an external vacuum source. Using such self-made tools has major limitations in convenience, safety and efficiency. The different parts need to be assembled individually, the handling is cumbersome and there is a considerable risk of contaminating the house vacuum system.

To eliminate these disadvantages, INTEGRA has developed VACUSIP, a portable aspiration system for convenient and affordable liquid waste disposal. It is a compact and ready-to-use vacuum aspiration system with an integrated silent vacuum pump for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids. With VACUSIP you no longer have to worry about tedious handling or the risk of contaminating your house vacuum system.

How it Works

How it works

VACUSIP provides an out-of-the-box solution for a wide array of liquid waste disposal tasks. It features a reliable and silent pump, enabling it to operate independently from an external vacuum source. The rechargeable battery version provides even more flexibility. A unique hand operator allows for a fine regulation of the liquid flow and can be connected to various adapters.

  • Portable and Compact

    VACUSIP aspiration system is small, compact and fits on every bench

    VACUSIP is small, compact and fits on every bench.

    Due to its independence from an external vacuum source or power supply, it can be relocated wherever needed.

    When working in a safety cabinet, only a minimum of tubing and cable is desirable. Due to the rechargeable battery in VACUSIP, a power supply cable is not needed.

  • Just Convenient

    VACUSIP benchtop aspiraton system is an out-of-box solution

    VACUSIP is an out-of-the-box solution. No installation or additional equipment is required.

    The integrated pump runs silently and stops automatically when the vacuum is established.

    Changing a filled collection bottle of VACUSIP is clean and convenient. Simply unscrew the lid and attach an empty glass bottle or a plastic bottle for direct disposal.

    To keep the workspace clean and organized, the hand operator can be placed in the integrated holder.

  • Versatile

    VACUSIP comes with a versatile silicone hand operator

    The silicone hand operator allows regulation of the liquid flow by applying varying finger pressure.

    Different adapters are available to match a multitude of laboratory containers.

  • Safety in Mind

    VACUSIP aspiration system features a hydrophobic filter to protect instrument and environment

    A hydrophobic filter protects the unit from damage and contamination by aerosols and liquids.

    For easy decontamination, all parts that come in contact with liquids can be autoclaved.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices


    Awesome product!

    "The vacusip combined with the vacusafe is a win-win. The two pieces of equipment work well together and make aspirating cell culture or supernatant quick, easy, and clean. I highly recommend. "

    Joanne Smith

    ImmunoPrecise Antibodies


    Evaluation of Vacusip

    "I have never seen a suction machine as good as VACUSIP. General suction machines are often used on cell benches and are pedal-type, but VACUSIP is not like that. I needed a small suction device to be used on the lab table. VACUSIP is very small in size and does not take up much space even on the lab..."

    JooYeon Lee

    Osong Medical Innovation Foundation




    Selgin Cakal


See it Work

See it work

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Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Vacuum range
-250 mbar ±20 %
Pump flow rate
2.3 ml/s (with stainless steel tip 40 mm)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
25 x 120 x 162 mm; Height with bottle and aspiration device: 345 mm
500 g (without bottle)
Li-Ion (rechargeable)
Autonomy with battery
5 days when aspirating 1 h per day
0.45 μm hydrophobic filter
Borosilicate with GL45 lid, 500 ml
Downloads & More Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers



Description Part No.
VACUSIP battery version 159 000
VACUSIP 159 010
The VACUSIP portable aspiration system, which is compact and fits on any bench
VACUSIP benchtop aspiration system

Adapters & Mains Adapter


Description   Part No.
1-channel stainless steel aspiration adapter 40 mm E 155 502
1-channel stainless steel aspiration adapter 150 mm   155 522
1-channel stainless steel aspiration adapter 280 mm F 155 525
1-channel adapter for disposable tips/GRIPTIPS (pack of 5) D 159 023
1-channel adapter with ejector for disposable tips C 159 026
1-channel adapter with ejector for GRIPTIPS C 159 027
4-channel stainless steel aspiration adapter 40 mm   155 524
8-channel stainless steel aspiration adapter 40 mm A 155 503
8-channel adapter with ejector for disposable tips B 159 024
8-channel adapter with ejector for GRIPTIPS B 159 025
Single and multichannel adapters for use with the VACUSIP benchtop aspiration system
VACUSIP adapters

Mains Adapter

Description Part No.
EU 156 631
US 156 630
JP 156 634
UK 156 632
AU 156 633

Filter, Tubings, Bottles and more

Description Part No.
Filter for protection of the pump, non sterile, 0.45 µm 155 499
Tubing (silicone), 3 mm ID, 2.5 m 171 023
Tubing (silicone), 3 mm ID, 25 m bulk roll 171 033
Tubing set VACUSIP. Consists of VACUSIP hand operator, silicone tubing (1.2 m and 0.22 m), 1 filter (non sterile, 0.45 µm) 159 040
INTEGRA borosilicate bottle with standard GL 45 blue lid, 500 ml 159 031
Single-use PP bottle with GL 45 lid, 500 ml (pack of 10) 159 032
Green lid GL 45 with tube fittings (pack of 2) 159 035
Hand operator VACUSIP to operate VACUSIP and attach an adapter, silicone 159 020