VOYAGER – Adjustable tip spacing electronic pipette (video)

VOYAGER – Adjustable tip spacing electronic pipette

Welcome to the INTEGRA VOYAGER pipettes - the only pipettes with electronically adjustable tip spacing. 

If you are working with lab wear of different formats, you've been restricted to the use of single channel pipettes. Common lab wear, such as tubes cannot be accessed with conventional multi-channel pipettes, because the tip spacing does not match. Many applications require pipe adding between different lab wear formats. For example, plate reformatting from 12 well to 96 well plates or transfer examples from tubes or plates to agarose gels.

The INTEGRA VOYAGER, with its adjustable tip spacing, offers you a solution to these problems. By the touch of a button, you can match the spacing between the tips to any lab wear format. Easily transfer: samples keeps the plates. Reformat your samples in different plate formats and adjust the tip spacing from your source format to any gel pocket distance.

Guaranteeing perfect tip attachment concealing INTEGRA's VOYAGER pipettes, featured the unique grip tip system. Enabling effortless tip loading and ejection. A positive stop ensures, that every tip attached is the same way each and every time. The rim of the grip tip snaps over the lobes of the tip fitting securing the pipette tip. Tips will never leak or fall off. This guarantees, that all tips are at an identical height and remain firmly attached, regardless of how many side well touch offs are performed. Enabling multiple transfers significantly reduces the number of pipetting steps, which greatly benefits the overall economics of pipetting. 

A color screen and proven touch reel interface offer quick and comprehensive menu navigation. Simply by running your thumb around the touch wheel, you can quickly select from a broad range of pipetting protocols. The VOYAGER lets you save up to three tip positions. And each of them can be adjusted to any required distance. Choose your pipetting protocol and set your parameters.

Pipetting volumes are easily adjusted using the touch wheel and can be quickly selected in either course for fine increments.In addition to the standard preset programs up to 40 customized programs can be created. The tip spacing can be part of the custom program, so you can change it simply by the touch of a button.

The VOYAGER pipette offers a much easier and faster workflow. You are no longer restricted to using single channel pipettes. Instead you profit from the full productivity of multi-channel pipetting. Multiple transfers are done in just one step. This results in enormous time savings and reduces the risk skipping or repeating samples. The VOYAGER pipette finishes sample transfers up to 90% faster and significantly reduces transfer errors. If you're working with different lab wear, the VOYAGER is the ultimate solution.


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