Easy aspiration of small volumes of biological liquid waste

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Easy aspiration of small volumes of biological liquid waste

The VACUSIP benchtop vacuum aspiration system is an out-of-the-box solution. Simply connect the collection bottle to the built-in pump and choose the aspiration adapter matching your application. Operation is straight forward – switch the unit on and regulate the vacuum by applying pressure on the autoclavable hand adapter.

VACUSIP is an ideal tool for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids up to 10 ml. Whenever supernatant or excess liquids need to be disposed, the VACUSIP makes short work of the process. Typical applications for VACUSIP include aspirating small volumes of liquid out of microcentrifuge tubes or microplates as well as removing supernatants after RNA/DNA extraction, washing solutions from Western blots or ELISA and excess liquid from object slides / petri dishes.

The integrated pump in the VACUSIP runs silently and stops automatically when the vacuum is established. This prevents unnecessary pump operation and reduces noise improving your laboratory environment.

Disposal of aspirated waste liquids collected by the VACUSIP is a safe, clean and simple process. An autoclavable glass collection bottle is delivered with each VACUSIP aspiration system, ideal for multiple uses. Optionally available are disposable polypropylene bottles. Shatterproof and vacuum resistant, they eliminate risks of breakage and contamination by the biological agents during manipulation.

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