Low retention pipette tips deliver maximum liquid recovery

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Low retention pipette tips deliver maximum liquid recovery

In creating this new product range - INTEGRA has used a unique polypropylene blend to produce pipette tips with increased hydrophobic properties.  Unlike silicone coated pipette tips which can wash out (or leach out) with the sample, INTEGRA’s blended polymer Low Retention GRIPTIPS will not negatively impact your results. 

Viscous samples, detergents and other low surface tension liquids tend to interact with standard pipette tips forming a thin liquid film on the pipette tip inner wall. This effect leads to pipetting inaccuracy and inconsistency as well as loss of precious reagents. INTEGRA uses a unique polypropylene blend to mold Low Retention GripTips with heightened hydrophobic properties. Using Low Retention GRIPTIPS prevents low surface tension samples from spreading out and “wetting” the inner wall of the tips, allowing them to bead-up for a maximum liquid recovery.

Featuring a low attachment force and a low ejection force - GRIPTIPS effortlessly snap onto your pipette tip fittings and are easily ejected. Used in conjunction with INTEGRA pipettes, GRIPTIPS offer a high lateral resistance ensuring they are always firmly attached and perfectly aligned, regardless of how many side well touch-offs are performed. Using GRIPTIPS, you no longer have to hammer your pipette tips on or worry about pipette tips falling off.  

Low Retention GRIPTIPS are available for the complete range of INTEGRA pipettes from the EVOLVE manual pipette to a VIAFLO 384 multichannel pipette and everything in between.  Low Retention GRIPTIPS are offered in 6000 series racks as non-sterile, sterile and filter options.

low retention pipette tips from INTEGRA