VACUSAFE – your route to safe collection and containment of biohazardous liquids

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VACUSAFE – your route to safe collection and containment of biohazardous liquids

Putting safety at the heart of the lab

VACUSAFE aspiration system is a user-friendly alternative, designed specifically to overcome these challenges and put safety first. This versatile product range enables compliance with stringent biosafety level guidelines (BSL-1 to -3) for handling contaminated solutions. Easy to use and operate, VACUSAFE systems combine a vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and hydrophobic filter in a single closed system. Suitable for all liquid aspiration tasks, each system includes a range of safety features to ensure total containment of biohazardous liquids, optimal protection of operators and maximum productivity:

  • Integrated pump with vacuum control
  • Self-closing connectors to avoid escape of droplets or aerosols
  • Liquid level sensor that detects when the bottle is full
  • Air outlet connection for total containment
  • Choice of hydrophobic filters: 0.45 µm (standard) or 0.2 µm (optional)
Scientist using VACUBOY vacuum hand operator and VACUSAFE vacuum system to aspirate red liquid from T-Flask

Operation is straightforward – simply switch on, set the desired vacuum and start working. The silent, integrated pump automatically switches off once the vacuum is established in the bottle, and on again when the vacuum is used, increasing the lifetime of the pump. Quick tubing connectors enable rapid and safe removal of the collection bottle, which can be easily transported using the specially designed handle. The system also includes a liquid level sensor, which stops the pump and alerts the user when the bottle is full, preventing overflow of biohazardous waste and contamination of the working environment.

A versatile tool

Each VACUSAFE system is supplied with the VACUBOY hand operator, a versatile aspiration tool that offers vacuum control at the touch of the button. It can be fitted with a variety of adapters and consumables to allow gentle aspiration of liquids from virtually any type of labware, including tubes, dishes, bottles, T-flasks, and 24 and 96 well microplates, and large culture flasks. To further increase versatility, two VACUBOY hand operators can be connected to the same VACUSAFE, for maximum productivity in busy laboratories where it is necessary for two people to work simultaneously in one biosafety cabinet.

Scientist aspirating liquids from different labware types with VACUBOY hand operator