New quick volume adjustment manual pipettes

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New quick volume adjustment manual pipettes

Unlike traditional pipettes which utilize a single rotating plunger to set volumes, the EVOLVE features three adjustable dials for setting each individual volume digit. Simply depress and twist the plunger to unlock the volume dials. Once unlocked, freely adjust the three dials to rapidly set the desired volume. This revolutionary approach allows users to set volumes more than ten times faster.

Available in single, eight and twelve channel formats, covering a volume range of 0.2 – 5000 µl, the ultra-lightweight, well balanced design of the EVOLVE enhances productivity and comfort even during prolonged pipetting sessions.

EVOLVE manual pipettes are optimized for use with INTEGRA's wide range of GripTips pipette tips. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection. GripTips never fall off and are perfectly aligned, resulting in superior accuracy and precision.

The new INTEGRA linear stand can accommodate up to thirteen EVOLVE pipettes. Users can simply add up to four charging/communication stations to convert the linear stand into a charging stand to charge any INTEGRA electronic pipettes.

EVOLVE manual pipette range, covering a volume range of 0.2 - 5'000 Mikroliters
EVOLVE manual pipette range

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  • Tom Bentivegna

    Product Manager