Preventative Maintenance Program for ASSIST PLUS

Preventative Maintenance Program for ASSIST PLUS

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INTEGRA strongly recommends annual Preventative Maintenance of the base unit. The maintenance by qualified INTEGRA technicians ensures: Reduction of unexpected failure, confidence for on-demand use of the system and a long device life time!

Choose between two on-site service options for the base unit, depending on your needs.

Technical Support
+1 603 546 0181

BASIC Preventative Maintenance

The BASIC program comprises annual maintenance of the base unit and calibration of D-ONE module(s) in your laboratory. The service will improve equipment reliability and guarantee performance within INTEGRA’s original manufacturing specifications.

PLATINUM Preventative Maintenance

The PLATINUM program includes the same annual maintenance as the BASIC program. Additionally, subscribers to the PLATINUM program profit from a true worry free package that covers all repair costs that may occur during the year and guarantees you a working unit within 48 hours.

Service contents

Preventive maintenance of one base unit
Operational and safety functions test, mechanical and electrical parts check, inspection for wear 
Validation and calibration of (4) VIAFLO/VOYAGER pipettes and/or D-ONE modules * XX
Detailed documentation of preventative maintenance checklist XX
Maintenance sticker for base unit XX
VIAFLO/VOYAGER pipette and/or D-ONE module calibration certificate XX
Free replacement of wear and tear parts on base unit and D-ONE modules XX
Firmware update if available XX
Material and labor in case of a repair of the base unit and pipettes/D-ONE modules **  X
Loaner ASSIST PLUS during repair if needed  X
Availability of a working unit within 2 working days (48 hours) by repair or loaner ***
48 h begins after confirmation of the case by INTEGRA 
One year warranty applied from date of contract, including material and labor for repairs  X


* D-ONE Modules calibrated on-site. VIAFLO/VOYAGERS returned for depot service.
** Repairs are only covered under following conditions:
- Unit and pipettes / D-ONE modules must be in working condition before entering the full program
- Pipetting only aqueous solutions but not aggressive substances such as acids and strong solvents
*** 48-hour guarantee applies only to ASSIST Plus base unit. Expedited shipping and repair coverage provided to Platinum customers for  VIAFLO/VOYAGER pipettes and/or D-ONE Modules. Loaner instruments will be shipped to Canadian customers within 48 hours, but delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

Please note:

  • Instrument must be new or in full working condition before entering a PLATINUM contract.
  • PLATINUM contract is only available for instruments up to 10 years old or 500’000 cycles.

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