Freedom from routine pipetting with ASSIST PLUS

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Freedom from routine pipetting with ASSIST PLUS

Simplify your liquid handling tasks

Whether you are reformatting samples, performing serial dilutions, or setting up assay plates, the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot can help.


Tedious, potentially error-prone reformatting tasks become easy with ASSIST PLUS. Simply click in a VOYAGER pipette to take advantage of on-the-fly adjustment of tip spacing. It makes multichannel sample reformatting – for example from tubes to plates – up to 12 times faster than with a single channel pipette.

Serial dilutions

Performing serial dilutions by hand requires focus and good pipetting skills. ASSIST PLUS makes sure your serial dilutions are reproducible and error free, and tips can be exchanged after every transfer to minimize carryover of compounds clinging to the tip surface.

Plate filling and reagent addition

Setting up assay plates typically requires the addition of multiple samples and buffers or media. The flexible deck layout of the ASSIST PLUS accommodates tubes, reservoirs and plates, enabling multi-step transfers to the assay plate.

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

Enjoy excellent results and unmatched ergonomics

Automating pipetting processes with ASSIST PLUS ensures constant pipetting angles, consistent tip immersion depths and accurate well targeting. Interoperator variability and human errors – such as skipping rows or air aspiration – are eliminated, leading to enhanced process control, increased workflow consistency and better pipetting results.

Prolonged pipetting tasks result in physical strain for the operator, no matter how lightweight and well balanced the pipette. Automating these tasks with ASSIST PLUS relieves you of the pipetting burden and helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries.


Automated pipetting: ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot performing serial dilutions using a VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipette.

Make programming easy

Many applications require basic pipetting patterns, such as filling a plate or performing serial dilutions. These can be programmed directly on the pipette using the intuitive touch wheel interface. Simply choose a predefined program and adapt the default settings to your requirements. For more complex pipetting, take advantage of the VIALAB automation software. It offers a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that allows you to create step by step programs with a few clicks, without extensive programming knowledge.



VIALAB software

Take advantage of broad labware compatibility

INTEGRA offers a wide range of electronic multichannel pipettes – from 4 to 16 channels – enabling precise and accurate liquid transfers from 0.5 to 1250 μl. This means that you can always select the optimal volume range for your application.

On top of that, ASSIST PLUS is compatible with numerous labware types, from tubes to 384 well plates in landscape and portrait orientations, with more adapters to come in the future. It can be used with INTEGRA’s multichannel reservoirs – available in 10, 25 and 100 ml sizes – or the larger automation-friendly reservoirs, all offering exceptionally low dead volumes.

ASSIST PLUS can be used with:

  • 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tubes: Hold up to 48 tubes on removable carriers for easy loading and storage.
  • 0.2 ml PCR tubes and 96/384 well PCR plates: An aluminum cooling rack serves as a holder for 0.2 ml PCR tubes and keeps reagents chilled. The system can also accommodate various PCR plates.
  • Other tube types: ASSIST PLUS can work with various tube types using the right adapter, for example 15 ml centrifuge tubes, 5 ml test tubes and cryogenic tubes.
Labware Compatibility

Why wait? Discover the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot today and streamline your liquid handling processes using affordable automation.